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Teachings & Principles

" The most beautiful and most profound emotion

we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.

 It is the source of all true science...


The cosmic religious experience is the strongest and

noblest mainspring of scientific research. "

-Albert Einstein

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Image by Mennah Aman

In ancient times, when Egyptian civilization was at its height and Egypt was the world's center of learning, there existed a secret body of teachings called The Mysteries. Only the pharaohs and high priests knew of these Mysteries. Considered sacred, these were taught in the mystery schools, where only the most worthy and qualified were admitted.

Through the centuries, these teachings were preserved and taught by the prophets (including Moses, Enoch, Abraham, Solomon and Jesus) and philosopher-sages (such as Hermes Trismegistus, Amenhotep IV, and Socrates). Always, they were taught only to those who were deemed ready and capable of comprehending the philosophical, metaphysical and scientific ideas embodied in the teachings.


In time, the teachings came in the possession of many rulers, thinkers and men of science (among these, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Emperor Napoleon, Count Saint-Germain, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson). In carefully studying and applying the teachings, these men were able to live extraordinary lives and make outstanding achievements in their respective fields.


The masses were, for the most part, unaware even of the existence of the secret teachings.

We are most grateful to the guardians and preservers of the teachings for, in our present times, we can learn, practice and disseminate them for the good of humanity. In esoteric parlance, we are now experiencing an "open" cycle wherein the teachings can be taught freely to the greatest number of qualified students. We must make haste, however, for this open cycle has an end. When we enter the "closed" cycle, the teachings will be transmitted only through bloodline, that is, from a parent initiated into the mysteries, to his child.

As taught by the Order, the teachings fall under these esoteric disciplines:

Truth may be ubiquitous, yet it cannot be discovered through mere intellectualization. It cannot be known through the mere ingestion of ideas, and it cannot be found in the books. Instead, Truth must be seen and experienced first-hand by the seeker. Recognizing this, our Order’s methods are not confined to intellectual and philosophical study. We also espouse the practice of safe and time-tested techniques to awaken man’s inner faculties. With this awakening, the seeker achieves profound insights into his real nature and that of the world around him.


This awakening is mainly a spiritual expansion, but it too has practical or mundane benefits. Through the meditative techniques taught by our Order, the practitioner attains robust health, learns the secret of healing, enhances his mental and psychic abilities, and becomes skilled in actualizing his goals and ambitions. These are all powerful tools that can be used to achieve the mundane goals of life, such as wealth, success, happiness, and peace of mind.

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