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Welcome to the Rosicrucian Society, Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose!

This is indeed an auspicious moment, for you are now about to enter the Sacred Door towards Truth, Wisdom and Higher Consciousness. To start with your lessons, just click your Profile then Monographs.

Only one monograph per week can be opened as per tradition of our Order so that the members will really be able to grasp the lessons and do the techniques contained therein for one whole week. It is also recommended to review the previous monograph before moving on to the next monograph to be able to familiarize yourself with the terms and teachings and be better prepared for the next monograph.

As part of the privileges of membership, we urge everyone to join our fellow Fraters and Sorors in attending our Online Intensive Meditations weekly to be able to bathe in pure spiritual vibrations for health, peace of mind, auspiciousness and Higher Consciousness; and also, to be able to take part in our radiations as service to our fellowmen.
In Convocations and Intensive Meditations, potent forces are manifested that permit the descent of some of the Great energy and ultimately, the Spirit of God. This indeed is a great blessing to all who regularly attend Convocation or Intensive Meditation.
Some experience instantaneous healing if they are sick. Others are relieved of stress, and they come out fully regenerated and at peace. Negativities, whether psychic or physical, are removed from their bodies. For those who come prepared, their psi and spiritual centers are awakened, and they evolve faster as a result of REGULARLY attending Intensive Meditations. Their bodies become so energized and spiritualized that their faces beam with a vitality that will sustain them for many days. This vitality and attunement will even dispel or prevent negative karmas, accidents or poverty that the future may have in store for them. Indeed, it is not only them that benefit from Intensive Meditation, but their own family, loved ones, whole country and the rest of humanity, which becomes engulfed with an intense radiation of harmonious vibrations of life, light, and love, that makes healing and peace possible.

Should you have any questions, you may email it to or contact us @ (0927) 399 0832.

With all good wishes for Peace Profound,

Supreme Grand Lodge (SGL)

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