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The Orders’ purpose is not only to attain Cosmic Consciousness or God Communion but to make contact with the Hierarchy of the Masters on the Astral or Psychic Plane for further higher development.

To make this faster, one must live a very strict moral life and practice everyday Kindness, Charity and Self-Sacrificing Acts. Remember what Jesus said, “The last shall be the first…”

To understand this further, read these terms and their description from the Agni Yoga Glossary that can be found at Google and live the teachings there daily:

1. Agni Yoga

Deals with the highest fiery transmutations of all centers which cannot be achieved by any mechanical methods but requires the direct controlling influence of the Great Teacher. The high attainment of Agni Yoga can be reached only by a spirit which possesses age-long spiritual accumulations, collected in the center of the Chalice. Another thing that is characteristic of Agni Yoga is that its achievement must be attained during everyday life, while all the other Yogas (except Karma Yoga) demand isolation from ordinary life and thus are not sufficient for the present and future evolution.

Agni Yoga is a synthesis of all Yogas. In all the ancient Hindu scriptures the approaching Fiery Epoch has been predicted. It is said that Agni—the Fire that is found in varying degrees at the foundation of all Yogas will saturate the atmosphere of our planet tremendously, and all the branches of Yoga will be fused into a fiery synthesis. Verily, Agni Yoga is a fiery baptism. (LHR I, p 411)

At first you were shown the crudely material laws. You participated in levitation and in experiments of materialization and transmission of objects. This was performed not for attraction, but for austere knowledge. After that you were shown the astral world, but not for immersion in it. Expanding the consciousness, you received the possibility of knowing the auras and images of incarnations. Finishing with the semi-material world, we have approached cosmic clairvoyance and clairaudience. Using the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, rays of different properties and the structure of finest substances could be shown. Thus we approached the realization of far-off worlds, which is close to the element of fire and therefore dangerous. Hence the regime of cold was needed. The results were brilliant. Without specific shocks to the organism, it was possible to demonstrate the granulation of Fohat, in other words, to receive the so-called prismatic sight.

Why is it important to sense the manifestation of Fohat? The granulation of this finest energy is laid in the foundation of cosmic coagulations. It means that precisely Fohat will be the father that gives the impetus to the formation of new spatial bodies. He who attains the knowledge of far-off worlds will feel the strength and beauty of the crystals of Fohat. This is a difficult experiment, and We rejoice, because the physical body rarely assimilates the finest energies. (AY, 145)

see also Teachings.

2. Centers

There are seven main centers and they correspond to the seven principles in man. But for complete crowning, man must kindle all the forty-nine fires which include all the fires of all the centers and their branches. All spiritual centers depend on the heart. The heart is the great accumulator and transmuter of all the energies; it may be called the sun of the organism because of the role it plays. Sometimes the nerve centers are not consciously realized and, being partly opened, often show the symptoms of tuberculosis, asthma, rheumatism, and other diseases. (LHR I, p 240)

In spiritual development, the opening of the centers comes quite normally. The opening of and acting of these centers should first be manifested in their psychic or spiritual aspects. With a constant inner striving toward the Highest, and a broadening of the consciousness, the acceleration of the opening of the centers is quite possible. It comes either with the help and guidance of the Great Teacher of Light, or sometimes from contact with the purified fiery aura of a high disciple. Everything must come from higher to lower, from spiritual to physical, but not vice versa. (LHR I, pp 399-400)

In general, during the opening of the centers one should avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays. Excessive physical exercises, such as sports, are also quite harmful. (LHR I, p 146)

see also Chakra, Perfect Heart

3. Chain of Hierarchy

There is one chain of the Hierarchy of Light, which continues into Infinity and all true Carriers of Light who appear and who are still on our Earth are links of it. (LHR II, p 81)

Only the understanding of Service gives one the right to a manifested link of the Chain. (LHR II, p 61)

Breaking from the Chain is terrifying, for it throws us into space and casts us into chaotic rambling. How many centuries must pass before the spirit that broke away can again grasp a new link! (LHR II, p 246)

Every Hindu knows what devotion to the Guru means. And we know that all the majestic concepts and the whole beauty of Eastern thought evolved precisely from the sequence and succession in the infinite Hierarchic Chain, which consists of links formed by the limitless devotion of a disciple to his Guru. Thus, the East looks upon a Teacher who rejects the Hierarchic principle as upon a dry, rootless tree. To deprive the spirit of reverence for the great concept of the Teacher is equivalent to spiritual suicide. The Great Teachers provide our nurture; without it, not only would we die but so would the whole planet. (LHR II, p 130)

Through the heart one can transport one’s consciousness along the Chain of Hierarchy, thus multiplying one’s strength and becoming invulnerable. (H, 582)

4. Chakra

Translated means "wheel" or "disc". There are forty-nine chakras or centers altogether. In Agni Yoga twenty-one are mentioned and it is the opening and transmuting of these 21 centers that causes the kindling of the rest. The seven main chakras and their locations are: l. Muladhara-Kundalini, located at the bottom of the spine; 2. Svadhisthana-chakra, in the abdomen between the base of the spine and the navel; 3. Manipura-chakra, or the solar-plexus;

4. Anahata-chakra, or the Chalice; 5. Vishuddha-chakra or the center of the throat; 6. Ajna-chakra, or the Third Eye; 7. Brahamarandra-chakra, or the Bell, on the top of the head. There are also seldom mentioned centers in the shoulders, cheeks, lungs, wrists, knees, kidneys, etc.

All these chakras have important functions peculiar to them and are important in their own right, but for the most important chakra, and the one that none of the others can survive without is the Center of the Heart, or the Anahata-chakra. It is through this center that the Fiery Energy is disseminated throughout the organism and by means of the action of this center that the other centers are kindled. The Heart Center, the center of the Larynx, and the center in the Solar Plexus form an important triad and seem to "work together", as it were. The throat center is closely connected with striving and with synthesis. All the centers react strongly to various reactions of the individual, indeed they mirror his every mood and the fluctuations of his emotions, usually to their own detriment, for it is the calm and placid nature in the world of contrasts that allows his centers to develop. The greatest enemy of the centers is irritation, which causes the blocking up of the nerve channels and the starving off of the centers from their sustenance that comes in the form of Vital Energy. "The centers vibrate like most sensitive strings. Upon them all things play; upon them, all things resound; upon them, all is transmuted." (LHR I, pp, 426-427)

The kindling of the centers is based upon this responding vibration. When the force of the cosmic ray is intensified, the responding vibration attracts the corresponding fire. Creation always strains the centers. When the force of vibration reestablishes the correlation of the centers, coordination is attained. It is impossible to establish correlation without the responding vibration.

The creativeness of an Agni Yogi is based upon the striving toward vibration. The centers vibrate like most sensitive strings. Upon them, all things play; upon them, all things resound; upon them, all is transmuted.

When We, Brothers of Humanity, had to immerse into human emanations, We encountered powerful currents. The manifestation of fires strain so greatly all centers. The subtle energies are locked within the center of the Chalice, and therefore all changes are felt quite keenly. One may assert that all occurrences, manifest and unmanifest, play upon the currents of the fires of an Agni Yogi. (INF I, 259)

A wise host does not light all fires without special purpose. Thus, in ancient legends there is mentioned the mountain surrounded by flame, but it is not stated anywhere that the fire burnt continuously; it rose according to the need. Thus also your fires glow according to necessity—the Eye of Brahma, or the wings, or the rays from the larynx, or the other principal twenty-one fires—it is necessary to permit them to be kindled according to their natures. It is necessary to point out that the fires act according to their power of contact with the Hierarchy. Conflagration or unbridled burning is not permissible. In the Great Service, care and caution are the first principles of the highest cooperation. We protect each particle of the energy of the Elohim and each Uruci, from the Fire of Space. This accountability is demanded especially during the time of the battle’s tension. (H, 56)

see also Centers, Chalice, Kundalini, Solar Plexus

5. Corpses, Living or Walking

People in whom the primary energy has ceased its movement have been called walking corpses. One can recall not a few people who continue to display the physical functions but whose energy has already become moribund. From such people one may receive the same impression as from corpses—for in essence they are indeed corpses. They no longer belong to Earth. They still move about and sleep and utter sounds. But the astral body, the husk, also moves and may be visible! Highly developed people can sense such corpses, forgotten on Earth. (BR, 153)

It will be asked, Can so-called living corpses wander about on Earth for a long time? For long periods, depending upon their animal attraction to the physical world. Psychic energy will leave them, their radiations will become negligible, and a small apparatus will reveal the signs of death. These walking corpses easily fall under the influence of strangers. They repeat empty words of their bygone days, convincing no one. These corpses are sometimes sensed by certain animals. Often these corpses remain as heads of big enterprises, nevertheless their dead husks permeate everything therein. The walking dead are strongly attached to life, for they do not understand the change of condition. They fear death. (BR, 561)

see also Cosmic Dross.

6. Degrees of Attainment

The degrees of attainment are: alarmed; inquiring; knocking; hearkening; reminiscing; transmitting; sword carrier; puissant; lamp of the desert; lion of the desert; co-worker of the creative principles; creator.

Each degree is subdivided thrice; the order must be passed gradually. (AY, 107)

7. Devotion

Let us turn to devotion. This concept is also subject to many distortions. Devotion does not resemble a windmill, or a hired singer of praises. Rather, it resembles a firm tower upon a summit, which the enemies avoid in awe, but in whose chambers a shelter is ever prepared for a friend. Devotion is the opposite of doubt, which is nothing but ignorance. It means that devotion rests upon enlightenment. Thus, validity of learning is akin to devotion. It is not credulity, not levity, but firmness and steadfastness. Truly, the tower of devotion is not constructed by haphazard toil or by petty decisiveness; and devotion can be violated only by perfidy, which is the same as betrayal. But valuable are the towers of devotion! Such ashrams, like magnets, attract powerful hearts; they are nurseries of spirituality. Even material nature is transformed in the proximity of these towers. (HIER, 287)

One must distinguish between absolute devotion and conditional devotion. (AY 87)

Complete devotion is the projection of consciousness along the line of Hierarchy. As a taut sail bears along the precious load, so the intensified consciousness carries one beyond the boundaries of danger. (H, 166)

There is no salvation surer than that through devotion. One can forgive much where there is unswerving devotion. The man who is devoted in heart can be relied upon. It is cause for rejoicing when Hierarchy is upheld by devotion. (FW I, 605)

Only devotion together with constant striving leads us to the Abode.

(LHR II, p 166)

The infinite Hierarchic Chain consists of links formed by the limitless devotion of a disciple to his Guru. (LHR II, p 130)

8. Discipleship

There are two main categories of discipleship. The first is called Preparatory Discipleship and includes all those who have started the journey and who, by following the Teachings and the indications of their higher selves, are endeavoring to transform themselves for the ultimate acceptance by a Great Teacher as a full disciple.

Full Discipleship is the second category and has two main conditions of acceptance. The first is the Karma of the aspirant. To be accepted, his Karma must be almost completed for as a full disciple he will share a most intimate spiritual connection with the Teacher which would make such a relationship unbearable for the Teacher if certain karmic traits were not outlived.

The second condition is dedicated striving and a readiness to sacrifice oneself to the Service of the General Good. This last requirement contains many of the qualities that can be worked on and developed during the preparatory stage.

A common misconception is that the Teacher is eager and willing to take any and all people as disciples. This is not so. As the individual treads the preparatory path he must begin to fulfill the requirements of full discipleship and must find the Teacher who will ultimately become his Teacher and, having done so, must not waiver from that selected path in the hopes of finding a quicker one. This results in losing one’s way.

When self-renunciation and striving are affirmed in the heart they will become as second nature. The application of the Teaching to oneself and in the life of every day will become joyous, and then progress and even achievement of the sacred aim is assured. But one must ask oneself, and answer with full sincerity, whether there is really such fiery striving and self-denial, or whether there is some secret selfish desire to achieve greater knowledge for covetous purposes. The slightest signs of such hidden desire will be the greatest obstacle on the path of spiritual progress. For success one must have understanding, as well as readiness to practice podvig—the great self-denial—in life.

One must seriously ponder the concept of podvig as the necessary condition. The profound understanding of all the qualities that are included in podvig is extremely important. Therefore, it is useful to write down from the books of the Teaching all the necessary qualities enumerated there, as well as all the vices which are obstacles to the path. Verily, it is most difficult for people to realize that the foundation of discipleship and of all spiritual achievement is the striving toward the Highest Ideal and the fiery purification of all one’s feelings and of one’s whole character. (LHR I, p 286)

see also Disciples

9. Doubt

The being who is filled with doubt is not fit for even a primitive form of cooperation. (BR, 13)

There is no boundary that would impede the ascent of a spirit not harboring doubt. Doubt is like a fear in a balloon. ... Doubt is nothing but a pocket full of holes—no diamonds can be kept in them. Doubt does not dwell in our Ashram. (LHR II, pp 405-406)

10. Heart

The physical heart is the physical manifestation of the Anahata Chakra or the center of the Chalice—the heart of the Subtle Body.

Surya-Vidya—thus was the Teaching of the Heart sometimes called. In this definition was indicated the fieriness, the sunlike quality, the centrality of the heart. Verily, anyone who wishes to cognize the heart cannot approach it as only a part of the organism. First of all, one should recognize the centrifugal aspect of the heart and study outward from it, not inward toward it. The solar plexus is the antechamber of the temple of the heart. The Kundalini is the laboratory of the heart. The brain and all the centers are the estates of the heart, because nothing can exist without the heart. Even the brain can be supplemented to a certain degree. Even the Kundalini can be somewhat nourished by a manifestation of electricity, and the solar plexus can be strengthened by blue light. But the heart stands as the temple of humanity. One cannot conceive of the unity of humanity by way of the brain or the Kundalini, but the radiance of the heart can bring together the most seemingly varied organisms, even across remote distances. This experiment, of the unification of hearts across distance, awaits its workers. (H, 339)

The heart in its full significance is a transmuter and a condenser. Often these processes happen to be so strong that human strength cannot suffice to contain and endure the tension. From antiquity has come the prayer about resigning one’s spirit to God. One should understand truly this surrender of the spirit. If you feel an unbearable anguish of the heart, transfer it mentally to the Lord. Thus you may join your heart with the Inexhaustible Source—Hierarchy. Such action may be particularly needed when the tension of the entire planet is great. One must be prepared for the most diversified influences, both cosmic and human. The adherence of the heart to Hierarchy is a continuous action, but at present We are pointing out particular instances when it becomes necessary to strengthen the heart with the manifestation of Hierarchy with especial clarity of consciousness. Many will not understand how one can strengthen the heart by thought, because for them the heart is but a physical organ. But whoever has felt Our currents will understand the meaning of this bond. The World is living through such a tension that it is timely to remind about the necessity of readiness for such communions. The Fiery World must be evoked in full consciousness. In case of need one may even orally address the Lord. Upon all steps of Hierarchy there is the same transmission and communion. And how majestic is this Ladder of Immeasurable Help. (FW II, 94)

Lacking straight-knowledge, who can imagine the reality of the Fiery World? But this quality must be cultivated with all devotion; and this devotion must be precisely in the heart, not on paper. Also, acceptance of the Fiery World proves courage, for any ignorant thought primarily rebels against the fires of the heart. (FW I, 209)

A hardened heart will not ascend to the Tower. It will not give strength to the subtle body. Such a stony heart will remain within the confines of Earth.

(BR, 113)

Not many realize that the development of the heart means, first of all, the broadening of the consciousness. Verily, the heart is the throne of the consciousness, but not sentimentality, this surrogate of benevolence. (LHR I, p 397)

The cry of the heart is generally understood as an abstract concept, but Ur. says not so, for she has known and heard the resounding of the heart in its great tension. Such sounding actually occurs, and in it is expressed a powerful energy. The most dangerous assaults of darkness are shattered against this tension of energy. But not often is it possible to attain such a striking aspiratory state. The fiery heart knows when the invocation of the entire psychic energy will be demanded. From the solar plexus, from the chalice, there is concentrated a current of powerful force. The most evil sendings will fall apart under such a discharge. We always rejoice at seeing such a vigilant heart, since the attack is always sudden and the accumulation of force is only possible through great watchfulness. Often this keen vigilance becomes clouded by a kind of faintness which is very indicative of the presence of dark forces. But a flaming heart does not give in to such poisonous chemisms. But remember that evil forces do send double, repeated blows, knowing their effect upon unprepared organisms.

(FW II, 169)

It is asked—What center is particularly important just now? The present is a time of synthesis, therefore let us begin everything from the heart itself. Precisely the heart stands above all. Therefore, let the throat and the chalice and the solar plexus not be isolated from the guidance of the heart. (FW II, 210)

The heart is the highest manifestation of the sixth principle. The heart is the abode of Brahma. (LHR I, p 323)

see also Chakra, Chalice, Image in the Heart, Kundalini

11. Hero

That man is called hero who acts selflessly, but this definition is not complete. He is a hero who acts self-sacrificingly, unwaveringly, consciously, and who, acting in the name of the Common Good, thus brings nearer the current of cosmic evolution. (COM, 147)

How differently is the manifestation of heroism commonly understood. One should remember that a hero is not always proclaimed by a trumpet blast. Not in universal glamour does a hero of the spirit proceed, but in a true draining of the chalice of poison. To those who demand more, more is often given, to meet their requirement, but earthly gifts are no affirmation of higher gifts. Verily, a hero of the spirit proceeds by another path. His burden will be the Burden of the World. And how wonderful is the countenance of the hero of the spirit, proceeding impetuously onward in silence and in solitude. (FW III, 42)

12. Hiero-Inspiration

Inspiration from, or communion with, the Masters of Wisdom of Hierarchy.

A high spirit who is karmically close to a newly incarnating bearer of a definite mission can send to him His Ray, so that this Ray can accompany this soul throughout its entire life. The new-born soul assimilates this Ray, and in the course of its spiritual development the soul assimilates this Ray completely. Then occurs what is called an "incarnation of the Ray" or "Hiero-inspiration". Sri Shankara-Charya, the founder of Vedanta philosophy, was an incarnation of the Ray of one of the Great Teachers of the White Brotherhood. (LHR I, p 443)

Hiero-Inspiration descends through a single basic condition. Neither concentration, nor command of the will, but love for Hierarchy produces direct Communion. We do not know how better or more precisely to express the guiding law than as a flow of love. Therefore, it is so opportune to put aside compulsive magic, in order to become imbued with love in one’s entire being. As a result, one can easily approach the principle of Existence by a sense of beauty. Precisely, amidst the dissolution of the planet, one must turn to the most health-giving principle. And what can more strongly unify than the mantram ‘I love Thee, O Lord!’ In such a call it is easy to receive a ray of cognition. Observe this! (FW II, 296)

The singular expression which you observed on the portraits pertains to the domain of Hiero-inspiration. Already in remote antiquity this spiritual penetration was understood. In ancient Egypt portrait images were used as a means of communion at a distance. Sacred Images likewise respond to spiritual communion. But this natural manifestation should be understood simply, as one more grain of knowledge, and not as magic or sorcery. No one can draft a boundary line to limit the knowledge of the spirit. No one has such an imagination as to be able to realize where the magnitude of energy could be cut short. Hence, one should conscientiously note all the understood details of various manifestations. One must rejoice at all such realizations, because these fiery beacons lead to the Fiery World. Consequently, on such paths one should apply great vigilance. One must accept reality as it is. Not distrust nor sleepiness, but the good eye and the opened heart lead to understanding of the new manifestations of the Fiery World. Observe how much the expression of the image becomes changed, and in the course of time you can compare this with events. It is needful, of course, to carry out observations upon people who have for you a special significance, and whom you know. The manifestation of such alterations of expression was called by the Egyptians the mirror of the soul.

(FW II, 269)

You have seen rings which changed their color, depending upon the condition of the wearer and upon surrounding circumstances. One could see that this changing coloration did not depend upon the quality of the metal itself. This means that an external chemism was precipitated upon the ring; but even so, such a phenomenon could not have been produced without fiery energy. Naturally, when it became possible to transfer this external reaction to the heart, the ancient phenomenon became unnecessary. It could be demonstrated, as mentioned in the most ancient literature, but energy need not be expended where the heart has already entered upon the fiery path of Hiero-inspiration. So too, in all the other manifestations of energy, one must immediately turn to Higher Communion as soon as the conditions of the organism permit. The task of the Teacher consists first of all in the speediest elevation to the degree of Hiero-inspiration. (FW II, 272)

Useful for Hiero-inspiration is the current which is called the Seal of the Hierarch. It can be sensed upon the nape, it shines as a white ray. Through knowledge of Hiero-inspiration it is possible to remember this sensation.

(FW II, 282)

When Hiero-inspiration draws one’s thought to a definite region or place, it means that circumstances of great cosmic significance are already being molded. Perhaps having such perception of a place is unexplainable by the earthly state of affairs. Perhaps from the earthly point of view such a country is found to be in a most unattractive state, but the higher law is already determining the place of special tension. Earthly eyes do not yet see, but Hiero-inspiration directs the consciousness thither, where the radiance of Higher Light has been ordained, thus, above your straight-knowledge shines Hiero-inspiration. Often it appears to contradict the obvious, but it speaks the word of the Fiery World. So too with the sensations spoken about today. Hiero-inspiration directs thither where already the summit is alight. (FW II, 337)

Hiero-inspiration must fill all life. This does not mean any breaking away from earthly existence, but Hiero-inspiration should become the sole expression of life. When the Hierarch indicates the approach of a fiery consciousness, then each issued word and thought will conform to the higher solution. It must be observed in life how one’s judgment becomes truer and the understanding is unmistakably and correspondingly strengthened. (FW II, 358)

When we touch upon the true path, we sense the power of joy. Our heart rejoices, feeling that our striving is the right one. One can be much grieved, wandering about outside of applicable reflections. But when the consciousness pictures truth, it is filled with joy. Such joy will be wise, for it is based on Hiero-inspiration. And such meditation will be useful on the pathways to the Fiery World. (FW II, 371)

Precisely like an anchor cast forward, the feeling of Hiero-inspiration leads by the right path. (FW II, 372)

Amidst the fiery path man mentally strives for acceleration. Many earthly obstacles, attractions and allurements are arranged by the dark forces, yet once he has plunged into Hiero-inspiration and exclaimed— "Let’s go faster!", his strength is renewed and, without turning back, he hastens impetuously toward the Fiery World. And such meditation is useful on the pathways to the Fiery World. (FW II, 373)

see also Communion, Image in the Heart

13. Humility

The worst of all is to understand humility as mediocrity. Humility is the worthy carrying out of Service. Is standing guard before the trusted gates insignificant? Not insignificant is a resolution to perform better labor. Reverence of the Fiery World cannot be of no account. But true Service lies in the toil of patient endurance and perfectionment. Such quality pertains to the Fiery Path. (FW III, 500)

One of the great concepts, often incorrectly interpreted, is precisely the great concept of humility. It has been interpreted as non-resistance to evil; it has been interpreted as good-heartedness, as compassion, but very few accepted it as self- denial. For only self-denial and self-sacrifice can give understanding of humility. Truly, We see the giants of spirit and the heroes who devote themselves fully to the humble tasks for the good of humanity. We know of great experiments being humbly carried out in the earthly laboratories for the benefit of humanity. We know the great fiery experiments of those who dedicate their lives wholly and humbly to the benefit of mankind. We know manifestations on the path to the Fiery World which inspire all surroundings. Truly manifold is humility manifested through self-sacrifice and self-renunciation. Heroism is a manifestation of various aspects of humility. Thus the records of space are filled with great deeds of humility. Invaluable are these fiery flights of the spirit. Thus, verily, the heroes of humility drain the cup of poison for the good of mankind. (FW III, 24)

As the highest humility and the highest self-renunciation, should one accept the Image of Those bearing the full Chalice of self-sacrifice. They carry a heavy burden in the heart. They bear the brunt of the tension manifested by humanity. They carry the burden of the entire discrepancy. Such humility is redemption. Who will give himself wholly to the achievement of drinking the cup of poison? Who will take upon himself the Fiery Shield for the good of humanity? Who will resolve to accept the fiery energies? Who will manifest the understanding of the entire Cosmic tension? Verily, he who is in consonance with the Higher Forces. Mankind is accustomed to demand Good, but very rarely does man think of giving. Hence the humility of a saint who carries a fiery chalice is regarded as the highest humility. The fiery chalice holds the essence of the saving of the spirit of mankind and the atonement. Thus, let us remember and manifest understanding. (FW III, 25)


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