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Message from Frater Jose to all members

Dated on November 5, 2022


Si Master Morya po ang ultimate teacher and protector ko and may link and karma sa akin and sa Orders. May iba pa po akong teachers pero wala pong pictures, and yung iba ay hindi pa po revealed sa humanity. Basahin niyo po sa Agni Yoga Glossary (can be searched in Google) para maintindihan niyo po kung papaano siya macontact, ma-remember and ma-bless and ma-proteksyonan niya kayo and your loved ones in these very calamitous times:

Carriers of fire
Cosmic Consciousness
Degrees of Attainment
Hiero Inspiration
Image in the Heart
Image of the One

Nasa Google yung painting ni Master Morya nung German.
Please inform na lang po all members, mahal na mahal ko po kayong lahat.
Be safe po and at peace. -Frater Jose

Here are the description of the terms mentioned above from the Agni Yoga Glossary:

1. Avitchi- (Sk.). A state; not necessarily after death only or between two births, for it can take place on earth as well. Lit., "uninterrupted hell". The last of the eight hells, we are told, "where the culprits die and are reborn without interruption —yet not without hope of final redemption". This is because Avitchi is another name for Myalba (our earth) and also a state to which some soulless men are condemned on this physical plane. (TG)

2. Carriers of fire- The Enlighteners and Teachers of humanity. The sower of cosmic fires into the consciousness of men is a true co-worker of Cosmos. (INF II, 35) The Carrier of Fire imparts to his desires a tense striving. Hence each fiery thought conforms to the tensed Magnet. Therefore, the thought of the Carrier of Fires is in itself of cosmic creativeness, and wishes of the Carrier of Fires powerfully advance evolution. (INF II, 397)

3. Communion- Communion, like fragrance, spreads far. If it is beautiful, the quality of broad dispersion is a blessed one. Let space be saturated with the best thoughts; many of them will join harmonious radiations. Though not all can absorb the full expression of thoughts, yet the beneficent substance formed by them will be a healing one. One should offer gratitude to the unknown Senders, who impregnate space with beneficial substance. Thoughts manifested in lofty communion are as a spring in the midst of a desert. Pursuing the direction of such springs one may find the Brotherhood. (BR, 556)

People have only two real joys—thinking and ecstacy over beauty. The path to the Fiery World has been affirmed by these two manifestations. Only through them can man advance to the lofty spheres. Every higher communion will contain these two fundamentals. (BR, 85)

Let us not be in doubt as to what to do in moments between labors. Let us not forget that each particle of time can be used for higher communion. There is joy in that the thread of the heart can be in constant communion with the most Beloved. I affirm that the voice of love requires no length of time. As a field of grass is filled with different flowers, so, too, the calls of the heart are radiant amid labors; they signify the approach to Brotherhood. (BR, 555)

4. Cosmic Consciousness- A state of consciousness in which the individual vibrates in consonance with the Cosmic vibration and is "in tune with it" so to speak. At this stage he is an Arhat, and can assimilate the Fires of Space. (He is what is called a "Carrier of Fire"—a high initiate.)

5. Degrees of Attainment- The degrees of attainment are: alarmed; inquiring; knocking; hearkening; reminiscing; transmitting; sword carrier; puissant; lamp of the desert; lion of the desert; co-worker of the creative principles; creator.

Each degree is subdivided thrice; the order must be passed gradually. (AY, 107)

6. Discipleship- There are two main categories of discipleship. The first is called Preparatory Discipleship and includes all those who have started the journey and who, by following the Teachings and the indications of their higher selves, are endeavoring to transform themselves for the ultimate acceptance by a Great Teacher as a full disciple.

Full Discipleship is the second category and has two main conditions of

acceptance. The first is the Karma of the aspirant. To be accepted, his Karma must

be almost completed for as a full disciple he will share a most intimate spiritual

connection with the Teacher which would make such a relationship unbearable

for the Teacher if certain karmic traits were not outlived.

The second condition is dedicated striving and a readiness to sacrifice oneself to

the Service of the General Good. This last requirement contains many of the

qualities that can be worked on and developed during the preparatory stage.

A common misconception is that the Teacher is eager and willing to take any and

all people as disciples. This is not so. As the individual treads the preparatory path

he must begin to fulfill the requirements of full discipleship and must find the

Teacher who will ultimately become his Teacher and, having done so, must not

waiver from that selected path in the hopes of finding a quicker one. This results in

losing one’s way.

When self-renunciation and striving are affirmed in the heart they will become as second nature. The application of the Teaching to oneself and in the life of every day will become joyous, and then progress and even achievement of the sacred aim is assured. But one must ask oneself, and answer with full sincerity, whether there is really such fiery striving and self-denial, or whether there is some secret selfish desire to achieve greater knowledge for covetous purposes. The slightest signs of such hidden desire will be the greatest obstacle on the path of spiritual progress. For success one must have understanding, as well as readiness to practice podvig—the great self-denial—in life.

One must seriously ponder the concept of podvig as the necessary condition. The profound understanding of all the qualities that are included in podvig is extremely important. Therefore, it is useful to write down from the books of the Teaching all the necessary qualities enumerated there, as well as all the vices which are obstacles to the path. Verily, it is most difficult for people to realize that the foundation of discipleship and of all spiritual achievement is the striving toward the Highest Ideal and the fiery purification of all one’s feelings and of one’s whole character. (LHR I, p 286)

see also Disciples

7. Heart- The physical heart is the physical manifestation of the Anahata Chakra or the center of the Chalice—the heart of the Subtle Body.

Surya-Vidya—thus was the Teaching of the Heart sometimes called. In this definition was indicated the fieriness, the sunlike quality, the centrality of the heart. Verily, anyone who wishes to cognize the heart cannot approach it as only a part of the organism. First of all, one should recognize the centrifugal aspect of the heart and study outward from it, not inward toward it. The solar plexus is the antechamber of the temple of the heart. The Kundalini is the laboratory of the heart. The brain and all the centers are the estates of the heart, because nothing can exist without the heart. Even the brain can be supplemented to a certain degree. Even the Kundalini can be somewhat nourished by a manifestation of electricity, and the solar plexus can be strengthened by blue light. But the heart stands as the temple of humanity. One cannot conceive of the unity of humanity by way of the brain or the Kundalini, but the radiance of the heart can bring together the most seemingly varied organisms, even across remote distances. This experiment, of the unification of hearts across distance, awaits its workers. (H, 339)

The heart in its full significance is a transmuter and a condenser. Often these processes happen to be so strong that human strength cannot suffice to contain and endure the tension. From antiquity has come the prayer about resigning one’s spirit to God. One should understand truly this surrender of the spirit. If you feel an unbearable anguish of the heart, transfer it mentally to the Lord. Thus you may join your heart with the Inexhaustible Source—Hierarchy. Such action may be particularly needed when the tension of the entire planet is great. One must be prepared for the most diversified influences, both cosmic and human. The adherence of the heart to Hierarchy is a continuous action, but at present We are pointing out particular instances when it becomes necessary to strengthen the heart with the manifestation of Hierarchy with especial clarity of consciousness. Many will not understand how one can strengthen the heart by thought, because for them the heart is but a physical organ. But whoever has felt Our currents will understand the meaning of this bond. The World is living through such a tension that it is timely to remind about the necessity of readiness for such communions. The Fiery World must be evoked in full consciousness. In case of need one may even orally address the Lord. Upon all steps of Hierarchy there is the same transmission and communion. And how majestic is this Ladder of Immeasurable Help. (FW II, 94)

Lacking straight-knowledge, who can imagine the reality of the Fiery World? But this quality must be cultivated with all devotion; and this devotion must be precisely in the heart, not on paper. Also, acceptance of the Fiery World proves courage, for any ignorant thought primarily rebels against the fires of the heart. (FW I, 209)

A hardened heart will not ascend to the Tower. It will not give strength to the subtle body. Such a stony heart will remain within the confines of Earth.

(BR, 113)

Not many realize that the development of the heart means, first of all, the broadening of the consciousness. Verily, the heart is the throne of the consciousness, but not sentimentality, this surrogate of benevolence. (LHR I, p 397)

The cry of the heart is generally understood as an abstract concept, but Ur. says not so, for she has known and heard the resounding of the heart in its great tension. Such sounding actually occurs, and in it is expressed a powerful energy. The most dangerous assaults of darkness are shattered against this tension of energy. But not often is it possible to attain such a striking aspiratory state. The fiery heart knows when the invocation of the entire psychic energy will be demanded. From the solar plexus, from the chalice, there is concentrated a current of powerful force. The most evil sendings will fall apart under such a discharge. We always rejoice at seeing such a vigilant heart, since the attack is always sudden and the accumulation of force is only possible through great watchfulness. Often this keen vigilance becomes clouded by a kind of faintness which is very indicative of the presence of dark forces. But a flaming heart does not give in to such poisonous chemisms. But remember that evil forces do send double, repeated blows, knowing their effect upon unprepared organisms.

(FW II, 169)

It is asked—What center is particularly important just now? The present is a time of synthesis, therefore let us begin everything from the heart itself. Precisely the heart stands above all. Therefore, let the throat and the chalice and the solar plexus not be isolated from the guidance of the heart. (FW II, 210)

The heart is the highest manifestation of the sixth principle. The heart is the abode of Brahma. (LHR I, p 323)

see also Chakra, Chalice, Image in the Heart, Kundalini

8. Hiero-Inspiration- Inspiration from, or communion with, the Masters of Wisdom of Hierarchy.

A high spirit who is karmically close to a newly incarnating bearer of a definite mission can send to him His Ray, so that this Ray can accompany this soul throughout its entire life. The new-born soul assimilates this Ray, and in the course of its spiritual development the soul assimilates this Ray completely. Then occurs what is called an "incarnation of the Ray" or "Hiero-inspiration". Sri Shankara-Charya, the founder of Vedanta philosophy, was an incarnation of the Ray of one of the Great Teachers of the White Brotherhood. (LHR I, p 443)

Hiero-Inspiration descends through a single basic condition. Neither concentration, nor command of the will, but love for Hierarchy produces direct Communion. We do not know how better or more precisely to express the guiding law than as a flow of love. Therefore, it is so opportune to put aside compulsive magic, in order to become imbued with love in one’s entire being. As a result, one can easily approach the principle of Existence by a sense of beauty. Precisely, amidst the dissolution of the planet, one must turn to the most health-giving principle. And what can more strongly unify than the mantram ‘I love Thee, O Lord!’ In such a call it is easy to receive a ray of cognition. Observe this! (FW II, 296)

The singular expression which you observed on the portraits pertains to the domain of Hiero-inspiration. Already in remote antiquity this spiritual penetration was understood. In ancient Egypt portrait images were used as a means of communion at a distance. Sacred Images likewise respond to spiritual communion. But this natural manifestation should be understood simply, as one more grain of knowledge, and not as magic or sorcery. No one can draft a boundary line to limit the knowledge of the spirit. No one has such an imagination as to be able to realize where the magnitude of energy could be cut short. Hence, one should conscientiously note all the understood details of various manifestations. One must rejoice at all such realizations, because these fiery beacons lead to the Fiery World. Consequently, on such paths one should apply great vigilance. One must accept reality as it is. Not distrust nor sleepiness, but the good eye and the opened heart lead to understanding of the new manifestations of the Fiery World. Observe how much the expression of the image becomes changed, and in the course of time you can compare this with events. It is needful, of course, to carry out observations upon people who have for you a special significance, and whom you know. The manifestation of such alterations of expression was called by the Egyptians the mirror of the soul.

(FW II, 269)

You have seen rings which changed their color, depending upon the condition of the wearer and upon surrounding circumstances. One could see that this changing coloration did not depend upon the quality of the metal itself. This means that an external chemism was precipitated upon the ring; but even so, such a phenomenon could not have been produced without fiery energy. Naturally, when it became possible to transfer this external reaction to the heart, the ancient phenomenon became unnecessary. It could be demonstrated, as mentioned in the most ancient literature, but energy need not be expended where the heart has already entered upon the fiery path of Hiero-inspiration. So too, in all the other manifestations of energy, one must immediately turn to Higher Communion as soon as the conditions of the organism permit. The task of the Teacher consists first of all in the speediest elevation to the degree of Hiero-inspiration. (FW II, 272)

Useful for Hiero-inspiration is the current which is called the Seal of the Hierarch. It can be sensed upon the nape, it shines as a white ray. Through knowledge of Hiero-inspiration it is possible to remember this sensation.

(FW II, 282)

When Hiero-inspiration draws one’s thought to a definite region or place, it means that circumstances of great cosmic significance are already being molded. Perhaps having such perception of a place is unexplainable by the earthly state of affairs. Perhaps from the earthly point of view such a country is found to be in a most unattractive state, but the higher law is already determining the place of special tension. Earthly eyes do not yet see, but Hiero-inspiration directs the consciousness thither, where the radiance of Higher Light has been ordained, thus, above your straight-knowledge shines Hiero-inspiration. Often it appears to contradict the obvious, but it speaks the word of the Fiery World. So too with the sensations spoken about today. Hiero-inspiration directs thither where already the summit is alight. (FW II, 337)

Hiero-inspiration must fill all life. This does not mean any breaking away from earthly existence, but Hiero-inspiration should become the sole expression of life. When the Hierarch indicates the approach of a fiery consciousness, then each issued word and thought will conform to the higher solution. It must be observed in life how one’s judgment becomes truer and the understanding is unmistakably and correspondingly strengthened. (FW II, 358)

When we touch upon the true path, we sense the power of joy. Our heart rejoices, feeling that our striving is the right one. One can be much grieved, wandering about outside of applicable reflections. But when the consciousness pictures truth, it is filled with joy. Such joy will be wise, for it is based on Hiero-inspiration. And such meditation will be useful on the pathways to the Fiery World. (FW II, 371)

Precisely like an anchor cast forward, the feeling of Hiero-inspiration leads by the right path. (FW II, 372)

Amidst the fiery path man mentally strives for acceleration. Many earthly obstacles, attractions and allurements are arranged by the dark forces, yet once he has plunged into Hiero-inspiration and exclaimed— "Let’s go faster!", his strength is renewed and, without turning back, he hastens impetuously toward the Fiery World. And such meditation is useful on the pathways to the Fiery World. (FW II, 373) see also Communion, Image in the Heart

9. Image in the Heart- Think courageously about the Images of the Great Ones; thus will you follow the line of unity. (LMG II, p 179)

All religions have introduced special movements and positions of the body that aid the accumulation of the energy and impel one to the Highest. When following Us, achievement may be arrived at through the saturation of one’s heart, without fatiguing movements. He who succeeds through this means has an advantage, because the source of the heart is inexhaustible. The Image of the Lord, impressed upon the heart, will not grow dim and at any hour will be ready to help. This way of the heart is the most ancient, but it requires a considerable expansion of consciousness. One should not speak of the heart from the very first conversation, for then one may over-burden it aimlessly. It is likewise aimless to speak of love if the heart does not yet contain the Image of the Lord. But the hour strikes when one must indicate the power of the heart. I advise addressing oneself to the heart, not only because the Image of the Lord is already close but for cosmic reasons. It is easier to cross an abyss if the link with the Lord is strong. (HIER, 85)

Through the heart one can transport one’s consciousness along the Chain of Hierarchy, thus multiplying one’s strength and becoming invulnerable. This means that for such essential achievements three elements are necessary: heart, Hierarchy, and the realization of non-separateness. Let us accustom ourselves to constantly feel the heart. Then let us not forget to retain the Image of the Teacher in the third eye, and let us understand the meaning of indivisibility of aspiration. (H, 582)

One must absorb into one’s consciousness an attractive constructive image. One should admit it as one’s own possession which will lead to the heights.

(FW I, 513)

Let the Sacred Image, guarded in the heart, serve as a guidepost. Thus, let friends realize the might and beauty of the Fiery World. Let them not be merely curious, but let them find within themselves a steadfast bond with the World of Beauty. (FW I, 666)

For the quickest self-perfecting and development of spirituality the most essential is a constant thought about the Highest Hierarch; this is the sacred concentration about which so much is written and which so often is misunderstood.

Remembering the Luminous Image every moment of the day and night and doing all our work in His Name, we are gradually establishing the sacred union, which will finally give us the great power of Hiero-inspiration. (LHR I, p 187)

see also Image of the One

10. Image of the One- The Image of the Master that each disciple will guard in his heart. Also the Guardian Angel who guides the destiny of man.

see also Image in the Heart, Guardian Angels

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