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Words and Sayings of Wisdom by the Great Sages and Masters

Dated November 24, 2022


Since the Gurudev Forum has been cancelled and Frater Jose will not be available physically to members, he advises us to regularly send to members Words and Sayings of Wisdom by the Great Sages and Masters. The best thing to do with these sayings or instructions is to memorize them, contemplate upon their meaning and let them be a part of your thoughts, emotions and actions in your daily life. These sayings are food for your mind and Inner Self –Don’t take them lightly. Be serious about them. These words will awaken the power of your Inner Self for you to attain Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment and possibly, Moksha or Liberation in this lifetime.

Master Kuthumi said “Read, Study and Meditate.”

This is the saying for the month by Sage Ashtavakra:

“The man who is pure of heart

is bound to fulfill himself in whatever way he is taught.

A worldly man seeks all his life,

but is still bewildered.

Detached from the senses, You are free.

Attached, You are bound.

When this is understood,

You may live as you please.

You are not your body.

Your body is not you.

You are not the doer.

You are not the enjoyer.

You are pure awareness,

The witness of all things.

You are without expectations,


Wherever you go,

Be happy!

Desire and aversion are of the mind.

The mind is never yours.

You are free of its turmoil.

You are awareness itself,

Never changing.

Wherever you go, Be happy.”

The Masters of Frater Jose trained him in this aspect of memorizing the sayings because the words and the ideas are the essence and consciousness of the Master. By memorizing it and living it in your life, you attain Union with the Masters. This tradition has been in practice for thousands of years in the Secret Ashrams of our Orders in the Himalayas, Caucasus and Southern France. This is one of the surest and shortest Path to Enlightenment. So really, really memorize and contemplate it.

One Saying and Words of Wisdom will be given on monthly basis to give you time to assimilate and be one with it.

With all good wishes for Peace Profound,

Imperator Soror Valerie Quinajon

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